Footstock Stats

What we do?

Footstock Stats is a free resource set up for Footstock traders to help you across the intuitive games that Footstock offer. The website contains a plethora of interactive dashboards to help you identify the best Footstock players. We also have a free slack community to join where you can access even more stats and chat with over 500 Footstock traders.

Interactive Data

  • Interactive data tables and graphs that allow you to delve deep into the players on Footstock.

Slack Community

  • Free community chat where you can chat with over 500 other Footstock users. We also post useful stats that aren't available on the website!


"FootStock stats has changed the way I approach the platform. It’s made category rises and falls much easier to plan for and has given me a crucial edge in the virtuals, It’s a must for anyone who takes FootStock seriously!"

"Great stats, extremely useful and easy to use, helped me finding a few hidden gems and improve my returns, would highly recommend using it."

"I've always loved Footstock and now I have the tools and data available that FootstockStats provide it has taken my love to another level. The ability to quickly see peaks and trends of players in form enables me to be one step ahead of the competition. Keep up the great work!"